Warm price


From birth to warm up to now as there were several pipes to warm the pipe used.

XPAPR: crosslinking clip tubes


PAP: plastic composite pipe 2

PP-B: high impact copolymer polypropylene (Korea had called PP-C)

PP-R: random copolymer polypropylene

PB: polybutylene (ultra-high temperature pipe)

High temperature polyethylene PE-RT ::

Note 1: cross-linked polyethylene production divided by peroxide crosslinking (PE-Xa), silane crosslinking (PE-Xb), electron beam cross-linked (PE-XC) and azo-crosslinked (PE-Xd ) four. Wherein the peroxide crosslinking and silane crosslinking is the commonly used two cross-linked polyethylene pipe products.

However, due to penetration of oxygen peroxide crosslinking without too widely used, silane crosslinked silane crosslinkers toxic because Euro 2004 is disabled, electron beam cross-linked (PE-XC) is the use of physical methods to change the molecular structure of the environmental health of the pipe azo crosslinking (PE-Xd) in the experimental condition.

Note 2: The emergence of the market, there are three plastic composite pipe, PE / AL / PE; PE / AL / XPE; XPE / AL / XPE. The first one is the inner and outer layers of polyethylene, the second is the inner layer of cross-linked polyethylene, the outer layer of polyethylene, the third is the inner and outer layers are cross-linked polyethylene, middle layer are aluminum layer. The first is generally used for cold water piping systems, the latter two are generally used for hot water pipes, can be used to warm the pipe.

Production requirements

In accordance with national and international product standards, plastic raw materials to produce hot and cold water pipes and plastic fittings must be in accordance with GB / T18252-2000 "plastic pipe systems by extrapolation of thermoplastic pipe long-term hydrostatic strength of quiet determination" in the tests shall be carried through the pipeline passing judgment Compound. That is, each raw material manufacturers must meet to make a prediction of the creep rupture strength of the reference curve by curve to warm the pipe product standards, in order to prove the sale of raw materials is qualified. Do only 110 ℃, the thermal stability test of 8760 hours under hydrostatic state can not prove a point is whether qualified pipe materials. If you do not know whether the product is qualified raw material, it is equivalent to determine the grade of cement did not like the intensity of use can not be determined. Regardless of the variety of pipe laying warm, only to use only the standard requirements of raw materials, and produce reasonable equipment and technology and produce qualified pipe, through proper design, installation and use, in order to reliably ensure radiant floor heating use with plastic pipe life of five years.

Performance Comparison


Domestic production generally use medium density polyethylene or high density polyethylene with a silane crosslinking method or peroxide crosslinking. Linear polyethylene is between the long molecular chains chemically bonded to form a three-dimensional network molecular chain structure. Polyethylene relatively general terms, to improve the tensile strength, heat resistance, aging resistance, resistance to stress cracking resistance and dimensional stability and other properties. The entire production process a chemical reaction process. The breed has a cross-linking agent is not easy to warm evenly dispersed, difficult to control the degree of crosslinking consistent and need regular cleaning to prevent the screw gel particles and other difficulties, product quality control more difficult, in general difficult to do small-scale producers. Qualified PE-X pipe with good mechanical properties, high temperature and low temperature performance. However, PE-X pipe no thermoplastic energy, fusion welding methods can not be used to connect and repair. PEXa tube brand: RAJ pipe industry, Wang Yue Plastic, Tianjin Star Army, Tangshan Tao Cheng, Hebei, Japan and Thailand.


By calculating the thickness of the thinnest design of plastic known as soft gold, creep resistance and excellent mechanical properties, several of the most soft and warm the pipe, the same design pressure. Under the same conditions, the same series of pipe wall thickness, the use of the variety of the highest security. However, the highest price of raw materials, is more than double the other species, the current application area in the country less. Market, the popularity of this pipe will slowly coming.    PE-RT    The warm mechanical properties of materials is a very stable medium density polyethylene, ethylene monomer and from octene copolymer made by metallocene catalysis. Its main characteristic of ethylene-octene short chain and branched-chain structure, so that both ethylene superior toughness, resistance to stress cracking resistance, low temperature impact, outstanding performance and long-term resistance to pressure octene heat creep.

1, flexibility: PE-RT relatively soft. No special tools, and therefore the processing costs are relatively low construction. 2, the thermal conductivity: for floor heating pipes need to have good thermal conductivity. Better thermal conductivity of PE-RT, for PP-R, PP-B pipe twice its thermal conductivity. Ideal for floor heating use.

3, low-temperature thermal shock resistance: PE - RT low temperature impact performance is better. Winter construction of pipe rupture less susceptible to shocks, increasing the flexibility of the construction schedule.

4, environmental protection: PE-RT and PP-R can be recycled, do not pollute the environment. PEX can not be recycled and will produce secondary pollution;

5, processing performance stability: PEX with controlling the degree of crosslinking and crosslinking uniformity issues, complex machining and machining pipe directly affect performance. The PE-RT, and PP-R process is simple, pipe performance is basically determined by the raw materials, more stable performance.

PE-RT can be hot melt connection method, was accidental damage can also be used to repair the pipe hot melt connection. Warm material has meet product standards creep rupture curve is only at this stage without polyethylene crosslinked can be used for a variety of hot water pipes.

PERT pipe Brand: Angulinao the abundance of piping systems, Philippine special, Taurus Pipe, Weixing management industry, Jinde, Shandong Huaxintai grid tube industry, love Kang Baoli pipe, Shandong Tai Chi Long tube industry, Zaozhuang Changxing plastic aluminum products.

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