DPM's importance


We usually warm installation system can be divided into warm main timber and warm DPM, to warm the main material including boilers, heating cables, sub-catchment, floor heating coils, temperature control, etc., to warm the main material determines the safety and underfloor heating systems reliability. DPM includes warm insulation layer, a reflective layer, steel wire, staples, boundary insulation strips, to warm the auxiliary heating system determines the energy saving and environmental protection.

Owners are very concerned about the main material, but ignored the understanding of the auxiliary, or indifferent. In fact, the choice of warm DPM is necessary, the material quality is also very important. And some unscrupulous businessmen often cut corners is in the hands and feet was the most moving aspects of DPM. We believe that a system of science, fully functional, high-quality independent heating system must be done every step the best match, relying on a so-called "name brand" host, the so-called "name brand" pipe may not be able create a set of high-quality, high-grade "heating system"! When selecting businesses to warm to warm DPM, often based on their own knowledge and judgment to select or entirely to choose from a cost perspective, anyway, customers do not pay attention to warm DPM configuration. It is often not due to warm DPM valued customer, the customer does not understand or can not make any determination of the merits of warm DPM makes some businesses there are loopholes, it makes warm auxiliary inferior products flooding the market. Repeatedly to reduce warm market prices, material prices as low as possible so that businesses require, in part, auxiliary heating manufacturer is no way, only to seize the market with low prices, more and more provinces material, quality is getting worse, increasingly price lower. Sometimes it appeared that we would like to use some good quality products actually can not find a strange phenomenon.

I hope by introducing warm auxiliary function, role and selection requirements, so that we recognize that in warm auxiliary heating system is also very important. Good "warm" to rely on good equipment, materials, quality guaranteed. Ultimately making the domestic industry can warm more high quality products, eliminate inferior products, what really makes toward high-grade, high-quality in the direction of the domestic market to warm.

An insulation board

Insulation board's role is to prevent heat transfer down, reduce heat dissipation structure layer is invalid. So it requires a very good thermal insulation effect of the insulation material. "Insulation should be used thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption, flame retardant or non-combustible, with material enough carrying capacity, and does not contain bacteria colonize the source, without odor and potential health hazards of volatile matter." And be able to meet these standards only mainstream insulation board xps extruded insulation board. Because xps insulation board has the following advantages.

1. Excellent thermal insulation

Having high thermal resistance, low linear expansion lower than the characteristics of its structure obturator rate reached 99%, the formation of a vacuum layer to prevent the flow of cooling air, to ensure lasting and stable insulation performance with respect to the urethane foam 80% the obturator rate, leading edge self-evident. Practice has proved 20mm thick XPS extruded insulation board, the insulation effect is equivalent to 50mm thick polystyrene foam, 120mm thick cement perlite. Therefore, this material is the best choice for building insulation.

2. Excellent high compressive strength

Due to the special structure of the XPS board its high compressive strength, impact resistance strong, depending on the size and thickness of the compressive strength of XPS reach 150 ~ 500Kpa above ground can withstand the load of each system, widely used in geothermal projects, highways, airport runways, the square ground, large cold storage insulation and interior decoration and other fields.

3. The quality of the water-repellent, moisture resistance

Water absorption is an important parameter to measure the insulation materials. After absorbing insulation material insulation properties fall, at low temperatures, inhalation of water can easily freeze, destroy the structure of the insulation material, so that the compression plate and insulation performance decline. Because polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, plates stable molecular structure, no gap, solve the other material leakage, infiltration, frost, condensation and other issues.

4. The light texture, easy to use

The chemical structure is completely closed-cell foam XPS physical structure of honeycomb panels, it has characteristics of light weight, high strength, easy to cut, transport, and unbreakable, easy to install.

5. stability, good corrosion resistance

Prolonged use, not aging, decomposition, does not produce harmful substances, the chemical properties of extremely stable and will not cause corrosion due to water absorption and degradation to performance degradation at high temperatures can still maintain its superior performance, according to the information, XPS extruded insulation board, even 30 to 40 years, can still maintain excellent performance, and does not decompose or mildew, no volatile toxic substances.

6. Product environmental performance

XPS board detected by the state departments from chemical stability, non-volatile harmful substances harmful to humans, the production of raw materials using environmentally friendly materials, do not produce any industrial pollution. This product is environmentally friendly building materials.

Second, the boundary insulation strips

Heat loss as a thermal envelope insulation is removed due to poor loss, there is the heat loss caused by heat conduction wall. The purpose is to block the border strip the insulation to the external heat transfer through the walls, except under the premise of improving the thermal efficiency of the system but also to reduce heat loss. So it is very important corner of the insulation. The current situation is that most companies do not pay attention to warm the construction insulation corner, almost never use. There are some warm to warm the construction company is the insulation board cut of 5 to 10cm corner insulation strips do, in fact, this practice can not play good results, because the insulation board poor creep resistance, compressive deformation unable to rebound after easily lead to cracks forming in the Deformation of heat loss.

Boundary insulation strips have a lot of differences between good and bad.

1. The heat insulating effect of the difference, the lower the thermal conductivity of the thermal insulating effect is better, on the market at present the thermal conductivity of the insulation is about 0.040, and better quality of the thermal conductivity of the insulation strip at 0.030 or less.

2. The difference in environmental protection, thermal insulation strips for a long time in the humid environment is easy to absorb water, but once the absorbent strip insulation will inevitably be mildew, which requires the border strip with good insulation closed cell structure and low water absorption, the quality of the insulation of the border in order to be able to distinguish.

Third, the reflective film

In summary, the role of heat reflective film is reflected upward, downward to reduce heat loss. Reflective film in the middle heating element and insulators. As a heat reflective material, which can effectively reduce the heat loss, and can play a role in accelerating warming.

Reflectivity is one of the main indicators of the quality of the reflective film, reflective heat reflectivity higher the better, on the contrary, the worse. The reflectance of the more common non-woven fabric on the market is only 60% reflective film, reflection film and the nonwoven fabric can not be an ordinary cut off oxygen and moisture, and the aluminum-plating layer will produce oxygen and moisture under high temperature and high alkaline environment chemical reaction, the aluminum layer will be degraded and lost reflective aluminum layer film will lose the role of the original reflective heat. Now a new type of aluminum foil specular reflective film capable of reflecting 95% of the calories, and this reflective film is formed of a multilayer PET protective layer and a reflective layer of aluminum foil, PET protective layer is effectively cut off from the reverse side of the oxygen and moisture, so this life reflection film is basically the same with the building life.

Fourth, Rabitz

Local surface insulation layer insulation board stitching and overlap with the upper floor porcelain gap, due to uneven loading may occur at the cracked tile gap or partial collapse. To overcome the gap at the floor tiles uneven load caused by cracking or partial collapse, then you need to be reinforced steel mesh to avoid the above problems.    Rabitz belongs metal objects, and metal objects most likely to oxidation reaction with oxygen both corrosion. Although the need for steel mesh is buried in the cement layer below, substantially isolated oxygen, but does not preclude the construction when there is excess oxygen precipitate at the level of the cement, or other reasons, lead to the infiltration of oxygen, it requires having a steel mesh good resistance to corrosion, while galvanized steel wire with a protective layer results in terms of resistance to corrosion better. And because the steel mesh reinforcement plays a role in soil condensate, which tested the pullout strength of steel mesh, while the general market volume mesh diameter of only about 0.5-0.9mm. Certainly not long withstand the pressure from above, so the choice of steel mesh when you need to consider whether the radius of the steel mesh and whether more than 2mm galvanized protective layer.

Fifth, warm staples

Fixed Fixed way to warm the pipes mainly used to fix the staples, staples used to warm the pipe so more quickly and easily. U-shaped steel Szymborska nail design, U-shaped opening away from base to determine the diameter of the heating pipes, usually 3.5-4.0cm, slightly larger than the diameter of the staples of the semicircle, this design is the use of steel Szymborska elastic nail itself, so that the card nail has a stretch outward.

Currently marketed staples mostly recycled plastic manufacturing-based, black, low intensity, poor environmental protection at high temperatures, and better quality staples mostly new material manufacturing, white transparent, excellent environmental protection. Because staples environment where sometimes below minus 10 degrees, sometimes more than 80 degrees, requiring staples not broken and does not soften under the extreme heat in extremely cold environments.

The quality of each auxiliary have determined that environmental protection and energy saving difference to warm overall, and the difference will determine the energy efficiency of heating system operating expenses, so warm for auxiliary heating system is also more important.

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