Effect of mixing valve


As a thermostat parts, mainly for solar energy projects, to warm the project engineering and medium-sized heating thermostat system; water temperature of solar water heaters, electric water heaters and other products of the control unit; homes, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, office and bath bath centers, independent or centralized central hot water system. Fluctuations in water pressure

Original hot and cold water pressure fluctuations in the design, so that the water temperature thermostatic mixing valve and the water flow from the hot and cold water pressure changes affect the source, an effective solution to the similar products imported and domestic hot and cold water at both ends of the need to install balance device, so that the problem at both ends of the valve working pressure matches.

Spool with a silicone material, to solve the drawbacks of similar products scale formationof the metal itself. Silicone material is not easy to form scale, which is a major feature of silicone and other polymer materials, Ca2 +, Mg2 + and other ions do not easily penetrate into the silicone polymer chain, it is difficult to form a scale that is not attached to the silica surface. The unique structure of the valve chamber of the internal valve row even if the scale to be easily rinsed without disassembling the valve, the valve effectively improve the sensitivity, and to ensure the effective life of the valve. 

Interruption of the cold water supply hot water temperature higher than the set temperature, the mixing valve can be quickly turned off the hot water supply, in order to avoid scalding hot water, the reaction time is much higher than similar products (foreign mixing valve and imitation heat water takes a few seconds to stop time, Yu Jing mixing valve is stopped momentarily), truly foolproof security. (65-degree water five seconds can burn the skin; 80 degrees hot water, 2 seconds to burn the skin)

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