Avoid warm deficiencies

Currently, the hectic modern life, a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how to get home to become warm and comfortable it? Once you master a few tricks, you can easily create a pleasant home. Living at home Xiaobian prepared for you from home improvements to home decoration and a series of fashion information to help you have a comfortable life.

First, the thermal inertia is strong, temperature hysteresis

Warm-up exercises to do at home, or after, the human body temperature generally rises, this time, to reduce the indoor temperature, usually in order to reach the set temperature after four hours, leading to the desired comfort temperature of time lags far behind, difficult to effectively and timely play the role of the thermostat.

Second, site assembly, randomness

Warm belongs site assembly engineering, manufacturers need the heating pipes, manifolds, insulation board, aluminum foil, staples, barbed wire and other materials delivered to the construction site of large and small were assembled. Due to differences in site supervision and quality of workers and other conditions, resulting in tube spacing density, the thickness of the insulation boards, live randomness.

Third, a shape, difficult maintenance

Warm is a field assembly, forming almost unrepairable concealment systems engineering, once the heating pipe leaks, repair them abnormal trouble. In whatever way to find the leak, are bound to undermine the decorative surface.

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